Term 4 Sport: Weeks 1-5

Below is an overview of the sporting activities for the first 5 weeks of term 4 for Years 7-10.

 Wk1 (14th Oct)Wk 2 (21st Oct)Wk 3 (28th Oct)Wk 4 (4th Nov)Wk 5 (11th Nov)



Ultimate Frizbee







Ultimate Frizbee







Ultimate Frizbee







Ultimate Frizbee

7AUltimate FrizbeeBasketballSoccerNetballVolleyball
8GUltimate FrizbeeOzTagEndballSoccerTouch Football
8YTouch FootballUltimate FrizbeeOzTagEndballSoccer
8MSoccerTouch FootballUltimate FrizbeeOzTagEndball
8EEndballSoccerTouch FootballUltimate FrizbeeOzTag
8AOzTagEndballSoccerTouch FootballUltimate Frizbee
9GVolleyballTouch FootballBasketballEndball/NetballSoccer
9YSoccerVolleyballTouch FootballBasketballEndball/Netball
9MEndball/NetballSoccerVolleyballTouch FootballBasketball
9EBasketballEndball/NetballSoccerVolleyballTouch Football
9ATouch FootballBasketballEndball/NetballSoccerVolleyball
10GAmerican Flag FootballTouch FootballUltimate FrizbeeAFLSoccer
10YSoccerAmerican Flag FootballTouch FootballUltimate FrizbeeAFL
10MAFLSoccerAmerican Flag FootballTouch FootballUltimate Frizbee
10EUltimate FrizbeeAFLSoccerAmerican Flag FootballTouch Football
10ATouch FootballUltimate FrizbeeAFLSoccerAmerican Flag Football

School Photos

Year group photos are happening in the following periods tomorrow:

  • Period 1 – Year 9
  • Period 2 – 11
  • Half way through Period 2 – Prefect Photo and Indigenous Photo
  • Period 3 – Year 7
  • Period 4 – Year 12
  • Lunch 1 – Year 12 Muck Up Photo
  • Period 5 – 10
  • Period 6 – Year 8

Year groups can come straight to the flag pole area at the start of their photo period to line up for their group photo.

Don’t forget full school uniform tomorrow including your jumpers!

A new term and timetable

We hope that everyone have enjoyed a relaxing holiday. School starts again for students on Tuesday 21 July. 

New timetable 

We will start the term with a new semester 2 timetable. Go to your MyGymea to see the latest timetable. 

Correct uniform

Keep warm in the correct uniform. Jumpers and jackets are sold at school. 

School photos

School photos are on this coming Thursday. If you have lost your order form, go to the office to pick up a new one.

Sports Term 3

  • COVID restrictions in schools eases allowing most sports to resume for Years 7, 8, 9 and 10.
  • We need a quick turnaround to get sports going. We urgently need returned parent consent and payment to enable sport to start Week 1 Term 3.
  • These are due next Friday 3 July.
  • Copies of parent consent forms that include costs where applicable are available on our website at https://web1.gymea-h.schools.nsw.edu.au/sport-and-fitness/

Device Drive – FAQ’s

We encourage anyone who has an old device to give to someone in need! Below are a list of frequently asked questions that might help you decide if that old device is capable of being donated. If you have any other questions, please come and see one of the Year 12 Prefects

How old is too old? 

There is no limit on the age of the device. As long as the device is in working order we will accept it. 

What if the screen has a small crack in it? 

It does not matter if the screen is slightly cracked as long as it doesn’t affect the practicality and ability of the device to work. 

What if it needs a dongle to connect to the internet here?

This is ok as the technology teams will try to fix the issue. If they cannot fix it we hope to have dongles that can be given with the device. If you do not need the dongle anymore it would be greatly appreciated if it could be donated with the device.

What if it has always struggled to connect to the network here at school?

It is perfectly fine as we will have a team that can aim to fix these issues so that the device can be given in proper working order to a student in need.

What if I have thrown out the box for the device? 

We do not require the device to be donated in its original box.

What if I have lost the charger? 

The device can still be handed in if you have lost the charger. We will try to provide students with a charger for the device if one was not handed in. 

Do I donate my case that goes with the device?

If the case is no longer used or needed, it would be amazing to have it donated with the device but it is not essential.

What if the device needs to be constantly charged?

We would still love for the device to be donated so that we can try to resolve the issue.

Year 10 Literacy and Numeracy Program – Tuesday 23 June Period 1

Due to the Library being closed this week, Year 10’s Literacy and Numeracy quizzes will all run in the Technology Centre Period 1 tomorrow as outlined below:

10MATGRoom 43 + leftover computers + own devicesT. Reynolds
10MATYRoom 43 + leftover computers + own devicesJ.Jiang
10MATMRoom 42S.Palmer
10MATERoom 48K.Cantlon
10MATARoom 47L.Dart

Year 10 Literacy and Numeracy Quizzes

A reminder to Year 10 that your second round of practice literacy and numeracy quizzes is running during Period 1 in your normal Maths lesson on Tuesday 9th June.

Can the following Maths classes please meet their Maths teacher in the rooms outlined below.

10GRoom 47
10YRoom 43
10MRoom 42
10ERoom 48
10AVisual Studio

Don’t forget to bring a pen and your calculator!

Back to School

Students are returning back to school fulltime on Monday 25 May, 

Following normal timetable with a Week A.

Check out MyGymea for your Timetable

You will need to bring your laptop or tablet as well as your normal books to school.

Please bring a water bottle and any food you would like to consume at school.

The canteen is not open until Week 6.

All students are expected to wear full school uniform including the correct school jumpers and jackets.